13MWAChronicles31:Knocking Down the Blocks

What is writer’s block? What form does it present itself? Is it a road block that forces you to make a detour? A stop sign that eventually allows you to yield slowly by?

Is it a DO NOT ENTER sign that teaches you a lesson for ignoring its warning only to be faced with a dead end, your instincts for a project or idea completely wrong?

Is it a huge brick wall? Is it newly constructed made of the toughest materials or aged & fragile? Do you find a way around it or break right through like a wrecking ball?

Is it criticism made by others, zombies devouring your confidence, forcing you to run fast or ignore the voices that discourage you? Do you use your pen as your weapon of choice & write anyway, leaving the wake of zombie blood on the road to creation.

Is it the inner critic filled with self-doubt, an annoying imp constantly whispering “You have no idea what the hell you’re doing!”

Is it the lack of time? Not enough hours to visit the worlds you’ve seen in your sleep, the topography barely within your reach. A fragment of air you think you can hold but cannot.

Is it the lack of experience? The fear of crossing the line? Exploring what no one dares? The fear of rejection?

Is it lack of resources? An oppressive environment?

A true writer overcomes all these but is without luck if she cannot answer the following:

"What does the hero/heroine want to accomplish most of all in order to feel

"Is what the hero/heroine aiming for honorable or selfish?"

"Does his or her actions help redeem others, even himself or herself? "

We all have stories to tell. Surprisingly all carrying the mythos of all the themes all great tales possess. It is only the players, the stage, & motivation that slightly changes…

When we find the key to our heroes’ motivations & even their fears, we can possibly find a crack to the obstacles that create our personal writer’s block.

Numb (alm) 2013…Planning to do ab open mic in future. Who’ll join me? :)

Girl Crush

If any girl needs a role model, she’s your Girl On Fire .

Girl Crush

If any girl needs a role model, she’s your Girl On Fire .

To not die until I’ve accomplished something worthwhile. To not hurt anyone. To have a few lovers here and there. To write about it. To travel. To buy things for my family. To stop making my mother cry. To eat good, fresh food. To cook well. To have a mentor. To learn. To have barefoot excursions and midnight conversations with pretty-eyed girls. To live in a hotel room with a huge, white bed. To have wine parties with old friend who have wondered where I’ve been. To have a collection of vinyl records. To be friends with the invisible people in the invisible towns. To have a local wine-shop owner greet me by name as I walk into his store. To watch the sun rise a few times. To watch the sun set every time. To write a perfect sentence. To read all the great books. To dream about what could have been. To see a perfect opportunity for love and walk in the other direction. To find passion. To make people think.
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One item on my bucket list

1 3 M e n Working Above

1 ’ M feeling slightly off. Like a bubble that has burst yet the vapors remain in the air. News of or estranged friends Sudden death Makes me feel ashamed that in this tragedy I think of my own mortality . The lost opportunity to say “I love you” ” 1 ‘M sorry” “you were important to me “…

Even sadder is the refusal of those to listen to you pushing the away love you were taught to give others. In these moments I retreat back into my shell afraid that when I stick out my head again it only will be Chopped off!

Is it the grieving that makes me so? My need to walk midefinitelf for a destination I may die before dying? Just when I theft I found my purpose l fid I’m only more lost than when I started. And despite finding potential companions along the way p realize what enters the heart the brightness of love or the dark Spirit that creates loneliness + bitternes.

The true test of a soul mate is one who loves the other enough to believe in himself or herself.

Perhaps 1 mourn my friends death is that if our distance had been bridged together w e both may have benefited from each other’s influence?

Then again they say Sometimes we must let go. sometimes we let go at the wrOng time + for the wrong reasons. Or we let go the wrong people,

God, please just guide t help us all!

One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. Ever

Ed Sheeran + Interviews
“I don’t think I’m selling records on the basis of looking like Justin Timberlake”

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